Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Another week

The lambs (n=75) were weighed again on July 20. FAMACHA©, body condition, and dag scores were determined. The younger lambs received their second vaccination for Covexin-8. Lambs in the pasture group (n=37) continued to gain crazily. ADG ranged from 0.429 to 1.886 lbs. per day and averaged 1.104 ± 0.342 lbs. per day. The median ADG was 1.114 lbs. per day. No lambs lost weight.

Working the lambs
ADG of lambs in the supplemented group (n=38) was roughly half, averaging  0.562 ± 0.407 lbs. per day. The median ADG was 0.5 lbs. per day. The larger standard deviation indicates a wider variation in performance, -0.571 to 1.317 lbs. per day. Three lambs lost weight. One was dewormed. Two are being treated.

While no lamb has had a FAMACHA© score of greater than 3, FAMACHA© scores declined over the last week, especially among lambs in the pasture group, going from 1.5 to 2.0. The median FAMACHA© score remained 2.0. In the supplemented group the average FAMACHA© score went from 1.8 to 2.0. The median score was 2.0. Body condition scores remained relatively constant at 2.9 for both groups. All the lambs with positive dag scores have dried up.

Lambs sheltering during the heat of the day.
For the first 24 days of the experiment, ADG of lambs in the pasture group has ranged from 0.192 to 0.867 lbs. per day and is averaging 0.605 ± 0.164 lbs. per day. The median ADG is 0.617 lbs. per day. For the supplemented group, ADG has ranged from 0.050 to 0.717 and is averaging 0.394 ± 0.186 lbs. per day. The median ADG is 0.375 lbs. per day. Three lambs have been removed from the pasture group (for health reasons). One lamb from the supplemented group was removed.

The lambs are now grazing the 4th paddock in their rotation. In another week, they will return to the first paddock that they grazed. It is very hot and dry. Rain is desperately needed. So far, the lambs have selectively grazed  the chicory and red clover from their paddocks. The lambs in the supplemented group are now receiving 1 lb. of whole barley per head per day. On-average, this is 1.2% of their body weight.

Rain is needed.
For the rest of the experiment, the lambs will be weighed every 2 weeks. Frequent weighings can lead to some large weight swings.

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