Friday, September 28, 2018

Research Project Provides Lamb for Campus

The University of Maryland dining halls featured local food at its September 26 Harvest Festival. One of the local foods featured was the lamb from our research project. Campus dining services purchased all sixty lambs from our research project.

One of the university's chefs

The lambs from the project were provided by Shepherds Manor Creamery in Westminster. Shepherds Manor Creamery is operated by Mike & Colleen Histon. It is Maryland's first and only licensed sheep dairy. The lambs used in the research project were a cross between the East Friesian and Lacaune breeds. They averaged 113 pounds at the time of harvest. They were finished on a combination of pasture and grain.

The Harvest Festival featured "Braised Leg of Lamb." It was delicious. Lamb will be featured again in the spring. Dining services has indicated a desire to purchase the lambs from next year's project.

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